MicroLearning with KnowledgeFox – learning in small steps with lasting impact.

With interactive knowledge cards
On all digital devices
Personalized for each learner
Aligned with business objectives

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Small steps

MicroLearning means learning in small sequences. It’s quick, goal-oriented and ensures learning success.


Our solution closes knowledge gaps and adapts to individual learning progress so that everyone can achieve their learning goals.

Anytime, anywhere

Learning steps are delivered to learners whe­re­ver they are, at any time – on the smartphone, tablet or PC.


We support knowledge acquisition and measure knowledge outcomes instead of tracking hours learned or atten­dance days.

Why Companies Prefer Knowledge Fox

Six Crucial Advantages

We quickly forget what we learn – within 60 minutes, we forget more than 50 percent of the acquired information. There is not enough time for long trainings away from work, and employees are overwhelmed by the daily flood of information.

MicroLearning with KnowledgeFox is a new learning approach which focuses solely on achieving knowledge goals. Instead of measuring hours or days spent in trainings, KnowledgeFox measures results. As a result, employees are able to obtain maximum benefits from the trainings and lectures they receive.

Precise Knowledge Metrics

KnowledgeFox offers precise learning statistics to administrators, thus enabling transparent monitoring of learning activities and knowledge goals at any time.

Customer-specific branding

The look & feel of KnowledgeFox is customized to the customer’s corporate design, including logo, color scheme and layout.

Easy Integration

KnowledgeFox offers LMS and HR interfaces and can easily be integrated into all IT systems. It can therefore complement existing training tools or be used as stand-alone tool.

Motivated Users

Our question-based approach combined with the gamification option ensure that users enjoy their learning experience.

Always up-to-date content

Content can be developed and updated easily and without IT experts, reducing time & costs and ensuring that learners are always up-to-date.

Low Cost

Due to easy system integration and the possibility of self-authoring of content, costs stay at an affordable level..

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