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Technological integration:
The KnowledgeFox MicroLearning system works with today’s busy, technologically-driven lifestyle. KnowledgeFox clients run on desktops, laptops and mobiles (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone (iOS), Symbian and Windows Phone 8) allowing multi-device learning on the go. Users learn when they have time (even during commutes!) and retain the knowledge learnedthrough repetition.

Learning through repetition: Each learning card in a MicroLearning course has a question and several possible answers. Users are flashed the cards on their devices and chose an answer, right or wrong. If the right answer is selected the card will not re-display, if the answer is wrong the card will be intelligently re-displayed and the question repeated until the correct answer is selected. When all questions have been correctly answered the micro course is completed.

Easy progress tracking: Go beyond the pass-fail mentality of traditional training courses. KnowledgeFox generates detailed reports with tangible results about the strengths/weaknesses or presence/absence of specific talent markers and skill sets.

Customization: Administrators have complete control over training and development courses, including course authoring, course assignments to users, user learning progress, course updates, user testing, and awarding of certificates.

KnowledgeFox is a proven way of learning for all enterprises looking to improve and track training results. Contact us to get started.


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Key Features

KnowledgeFox offers these benefits:

    • Directors can now deploy mobile MicroLearning to close a learning gap and track users’ progress.
    • Managers can ensure personnel is fully trained for their roles.
    • Organizations can gauge training ROI and test material retention of their users by quickly reviewing material covered by other learning processes.


Value Propositions

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Authoring Services

We offer the following professional services to complement your learning team:

  • Course design
  • Content creation and authoring
  • Support and updates
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Training in the KnowledgeFox platform



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